Danger in your makeup bag!

Posted by Melissa Olsen on 8th Apr 2014

Take a look at your makeup bag. Is bacteria lurking in your favorite mascara? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which oversees cosmetics, does not require that manufacturers set an expiration date. On top of that, some types of makeup can expire faster than normal if they are not properly stored. This bacteria can lead to infections, acne and irritation. Not to mention- it’s just gross.

Isn’t it about time that you did some spring cleaning?

Here are some general rules on replacing your products:

  • Eye makeup should be tossed after 3 months, or if it has been exposed to drastic temperature change or eye infection. Eyes are most susceptible to disease and require extra attention.
  • Liquid products (concealer, cream shadows or blush) should be replaced after 3 months. Products containing water can be a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Powder products are typically good for two years.
  • Lip products should be replaced after a year.

Here are general rules for keeping your makeup bag germ free and healthy for your skin:

  • Wash hands before applying makeup.
  • Don’t leave makeup container open- bacteria!
  • Wipe off containers regularly.
  • Don’t add water or saliva to your makeup as this can introduce bacteria.
  • Don’t share makeup. Ever
  • Toss out all makeup at regular intervals.
  • Wash makeup brushes every week.
  • Wash sponges every week and replace ever 6-8 weeks

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